Hello I’m Nikka Vim. Not my real name but we’re “friends” if you know me by that name.
I’m just a typical fan of models and loves taking candid photos of them and my friends for fun. I belong to the acknowledged loyalistas fan group of SM Youth and we are called the SM Kyuuut. The camera I use is Nikon D5200.

I had my first and previous blog during 2014 which is vimnikka.wordpress.com but apparently that account was locked and I couldn’t retrieve it since last year. Anyways I’m moving everything here and start over again. And as you know, my purpose of blogging is sharing my “fangirl shots” to those that couldn’t access my personal accounts where I most likely only share and post my photos, and to those that wants to have the better quality of my photos for grabbing and reposting! Thank you so much and I hope you guys enjoy my blog. ^O^

*All photos that I posted are mine, except stated. And please don’t expect perfection for they are all “FANTAKEN photos”*

I feel honored and appreciated when people share and repost my photos, and I also fancy having photography as my work but… yeah lol

Also, if you want to repost my photos please do credit me by tagging me or just simply by adding the hashtag #bynikkavim. Thank you so much!


For questions and invitations, please do contact me at my social media accts by just sending me DMs:




Email: vimnikkashi@gmail.com



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